November 14, 2013

The Weidemann Foundation is grateful to be partnering with the American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Awards (ARWEY Awards) to continue empowering economically disadvantaged women, youth and families through microfinance and community initiatives around the world. The American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Awards is a global gathering of women business, social, and community leaders who are honored and celebrated for the contribution they have made worldwide.

The 2013 ARWEY Awards are quite special to the Weidemann Foundation as proceeds from the auction of a Shona sculpture will go directly to women entrepreneur groups in a Jane Goodall Institute and Weidemann Foundation initiated partnership in Tanzania. The 2013 ARWEY awards will be held on Saturday, November 16th from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the beautiful Bacara Resort & Spa, in Santa Barbara, California.

Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here: Tickets to ARWEY Awards
A portion of ticket proceeds will go towards supporting microfinance initiatives central to the Weidemann Foundation Mission and empowerment of women entrepreneurs around the world.

Jean Weidemann, founder of the Weidemann Foundation, has the honor of being initiated into the ARWEY Circle of Light. The Circle of Light award is an opportunity to acknowledge women who have been an inspiration and positive influence in our lives and businesses.  Recipients of the Circle of Light Awards will be recognized in the ARWEY Awards magazine, on the website, and at the awards ceremony. Those to give a $50 contribution will help support training for women with micro enterprises in Africa and the US who have been chosen for mentorships and additional resources.

ARWEY Awards Background:

The American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Awards was a heart and soul calling of the founder, Tia Walker who for over 20 years has traveled the entrepreneurial path. "I felt a deep desire to acknowledge women who are committed to changing their communities and the planet. I was inspired as I traveled the globe and met women entrepreneurs who are so passionate about the work that they do and their desire to give back to their communities. I don't think we acknowledge each other enough. The recognition I want to foster leaves ego at the door and is about honoring all that was risked by these women to step boldly forward for what they believe in."

The ARWEY Awards go beyond acknowledgment to serve as a forum for conversation, sharing of insights, wisdom and co-creating a path forward that supports the economic empowerment of women throughout the globe.  ARWEY sponsored events and gatherings are a direct link to women leaders with a philanthropic commitment to creating positive impact in communities. We support microlending, mentorship and training for emerging women business owners.


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